About us

  • Nha Khoa Thuy Trang during the nearly 20 years of development,  has succeeded in thousands of treatment cases, especially in orthodontics, dental implantation, cosmetic teeth, root canal treatment, endodontics…
  • Our mission is to design your smile, give you more confidence and success. Nha Khoa Thuy Trang  is proud to be one of the most prestigious clinics in Sai Gon with reliable team of high-qualified and experienced dental doctors, which assure the best quality of services.
  • To contribute a professional system of dentistry with high level as developed countries is our vision. Nha Khoa Thuy Trang always strive to bring up the best quality services to all the Vietnamese

Why is Nha Khoa Thuy Trang your best choice?

  • All medicines and equipment used at Nha Khoa Thuy Trang are 100% directly imported from well-known and reliable brands from Europe and the United State and preservation is strictly followed with manufacturers’ instruction.
  • Nha Khoa Thuy Trang always takes the initiative in actively updating the application of new techniques and strictly adhering to the sterilization process.
  • Nha Khoa Thuy Trang is  helps directly produce high quality dental porcelain with high precision and endurance, high aesthetic sophistication in a short time and cost savings.
  • Consultation about your oral health status is offered free of charge at Nha Khoa Thuy Trang. Our experience doctors will give you analysis, efficiency and cost of each solution so that you can estimate the cost. The cost of treatment is the most reasonable.